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Hans Christian Andersen’s life on film?

The story of Hans Christian Andersen is a story of Fyn, a story of Denmark - but most of all a worldwide story ready to unfold. Sidney Pollack made the film Out of Africa about Karen Blixen...

Why Fyn?

Why Fyn?

More than 50 successful Danish features have been shot in the island of Fyn - and we’d like to think that it is not just the presence of funding opportunities but the existence of a truly film friendly environment in the spot center of Denmark.

Funding available

FilmFyn is a small regional film fund with a yearly budget of approx. €1.7 mio of which more than €1.3 mio is invested in feature films and TV-series shot on location in our area. We are involved in several international films - from the development stage and onwards and work closely with other Danish and international partners.

Filming in the heart of Denmark

Regional film fund FilmFyn and Film Commission all in one: We comprise of a small, efficient, personal and creative film office with strong local support. At Film Commission Fyn the path from communication of your needs to action is fast and you can expect us to guide you to the best locations, people, facilities and resources available in our area.

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