The island of Ærø is renowned among film professionals for its accessibility and the complete ease with which props, gear, catering, hands, extras, volunteers and rare objects are mobilized. Numerous TV- and film productions have been effortlessly pulled off on Ærø, and the feedback from producers, directors, set designers and other professionals has always been unmistakably positive. Ærø and its citizens have a culture of lifting the load together: Local organizations, businesses and private individuals will help, back, find and lift whatever is needed at the drop of a hat. Ærø Tourism and Business Office is available with contacts, help and general assistance.

Ærø is connected to the mainland by 3 ferries to Fyn and Jylland and a tiny airport offering taxi- and chartered flights to almost any destination in Denmark and Northern Europe. Being in many ways a time warp, the island boasts some amazing rural locations and authentic townscapes; among others  Ærøskøbing the quaint preservation town, crowned by the Europa Nostra hallmark.

Tourist Information Contact - Ærø

Ærø turist og erhverv

Ane Katrine Vig, Office Manager

Ærø Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen 
Ærøskøbing Havn 4
DK- 5970 Ærøskøbing


+45 51856378



Municipality Contact

Aeroe kommune logo
Mona Madsen
, Fuldmægtig

Ærø Kommune
Statene 2 
5970 Ærøskøbing

+45 63525000
+45 23350483 


Find a location scout

Film Commission Fyn is happy to point your production in the right direction and to welcome your crew on recce to Fyn. Knowing the importance of connecting with local location scouts and managers, we have compiled a brief list of experienced contacts for you.