In Fyn you are never far from the ocean: Sporting more than 1000 kilometers of coastline and more than 90 smaller islands, options for beach and shorefront locations are ample. The landscape offers great versatility: You can find quiet shallow inlets, classic sandy stretches, rugged points, desolate light houses and dramatic cliffs and slopes. We also encourage you to explore our Islands location category, where you will find a number of islands, large and small, inhabited and uninhabited. 

On this page you can explore our selected locations in full - both on the map or by viewing all by list. If you want to explore a specific municipality you can also view individuals listings. 


Film Commission Fyn is happy to point your production in the right direction and to welcome your crew on recce to Fyn. Knowing the importance of connecting with local location scouts and managers, we have compiled a brief list of experienced contacts for you.