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Driving to Fyn via mainland Europe is easy. Denmark’s highway system link with the rest of Europe and other neighboring countries via E 47, E 20 (with connection to E 45) and E 55.

Bringing your car to Denmark is no problem as long as it is properly registered in your home country and has a national licence plate and valid insurance. You must have a valid national driving licence (in roman type) or an international driving licence with you at all times when you drive.

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Rental cars are available from Copenhagen Airport and all major cities. Search here for rental cars in Denmark.

Driving time from Germany can be shortened by taking ferry connections to Fyn. If you are coming from Northern Germany ferries depart from Rostock to Gedser. From Gedser you can drive to Spodsbjerg and sail to the island of Langeland, which is one of the six districts in  FilmFyn’s areas.

For more information on ferry connections please visit 2Ferry.

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