Castles & Manor houses

Fyn prides itself with more than 100 castles and manor houses scattered throughout our diverse landscape. If you are looking for spectacular historic buildings of almost any size and style - from Mediaeval to  Renaissance or Baroque -  you are likely to find your match here. Several successful features have been filmed in castles and manor houses in Fyn - both interior and exterior - and the many wonderful buildings are often nestled in impressive surrounding locations like deep forests, rolling hills, mysterious moats, pompous gardens and driveways. 

On this page you can explore our selected locations in full - both on the map or by viewing all by list. If you want to explore a specific municipality you can also view individuals listings. 


Film Commission Fyn is happy to point your production in the right direction and to welcome your crew on recce to Fyn. Knowing the importance of connecting with local location scouts and managers, we have compiled a brief list of experienced contacts for you.