Film Commission Fyn

At Film Commission Fyn we work to share the many benefits of filming in Fyn, that Danish producers already enjoy, with the wider international film industry. First of all we hope that you will be inspired by the creative opportunities our island can offer to your production, but we also want to show you the ease of filming in Fyn.

Regional film fund FilmFyn and Film Commission all in one: We comprise of a small, efficient, personal and creative film office with strong local support. At Film Commission Fyn the path from communication of your needs to action is fast and you can expect us to guide you to the best locations, people,facilities and resources available in our area.

Everything in one place

Fyn is located in the very middle of Denmark with airports to the East and West and a well connected highway and rail-system.

Fyn is large enough not to feel like an island, but small enough to give you the feeling of having everything within reach.

In Fyn you will find not only a great variety of locations, but also a several studios, postproduction houses and a filmfriendly service industry. 

Why Fyn?

Why Fyn?

More than 80 successful Danish productions have been shot in the island of Fyn - and we’d like to think that it is not just the presence of funding opportunities but the existence of a truly film friendly environment in the spot center of Denmark.

The right focus

Filming in Fyn is a focused experience for most crews. We don’t have bustling cosmopolitan environments, but instead Fyn offers calm surroundings for accommodation and relaxation often close to nature and the sea. 

When you bring your production here, you will most likely also enjoy the cooperation and investment of regional film fund FilmFyn. 

With FilmFyn as an investment partner, you will become part of a select range of 4-5 large projects a year and a focused effort to lift the productions along that chose our region. 

FilmFyn regional funding

FilmFyn is a small regional film fund with a yearly budget of approx. €2.5 mio of which more than €2.0 mio is invested in feature films and TV-series shot on location in our area. We are involved in several international films - from the development stage and onwards and work closely with other Danish and international partners.

Easy access

Permits, people and locations are very approachable. Fyn thrives on great public and political support and pride in the local community in the films shot in our region.

Local authorities are embracing the special needs of film productions.

Hotels and restaurants understand the needed service level.

Extras are easy to find.

Compared to larger urban areas access is often easier and bureaucracy is less.

All these high points ultimately allow for tighter production schedules. 


Film Commission Fyn is happy to point your production in the right direction and to welcome your crew on recce to Fyn. Knowing the importance of connecting with local location scouts and managers, we have compiled a brief list of experienced contacts for you.

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