FilmFyn regional funding

ilmFyn is a small regional film fund with a yearly budget of approx. €2.5 mio of which more than €2.0 mio is invested in feature films and TV-series shot on location in our area.
We are involved in several international films - from the development stage and onwards and work closely with other Danish and international partners.

FilmFyn primarily gives support to feature films, but any films with investment potential will be considered. Our selective funding scheme is based on the the local spend of the investment within the 8 municipalities we are owned by. Danish productions or international productions with a minor Danish co-producer will typically be required to locally spend a negotiable part of the investment granted.

Assessment criteria

FilmFyn will always assess the project based on an overall consideration. The assessment is based on the following parametres:

  • The project's artistic qualities

  • The project's ability to generate geographical and cultural diversity

  • The project's ability to further the development of the regional film environment including the use of local film crew, production or post production companies

  • The project's potential to strengthen the area of FilmFyn's visibility by use of recognizable locations (film tourism)

  • The project's ability to establish roots in the area of FilmFyn with the purpose of generating pride and ownership among the local community

  • The project's regional revenue (spend)

  • The project's potential of achieving commercial success and income, including FilmFyn's placement in the repayment plan

FilmFyn normally contributes with 5-15 % of the total production budget, depending on the project's nature, the size of the production budget and the fund's resources. There are no fixed amount limits.

There are no requirements to the regional revenue (spend), meaning how much the project is to earn in the area of FilmFyn pr. funded Danish kroner, but the more activity the project can offer in the area the more appealing it will be for FilmFyn to support or invest in the project. FilmFyn's investments have typically comprised 50% of the spend.

In the case of international productions with FilmFyn as the sole Danish investor we will base our decision on three parameters:

  1. expected financial spend in FilmFyn's districts

  2. the film's potential to promote Fyn internationally

  3. FilmFyn's potential for recoupment

It is not required for producers outside of the area of FilmFyn to co-produce with a producer from within the area of FilmFyn. However, a use of local producers and film crew is an essential parameter for the growth of the local film and production environment.

For feature films and TV-fiction, FilmFyn will enter into an agreement that among other things, contains a repayment plan. FilmFyn's share of the income (repayment percentage) will typically be equivalent to the investment percentage at the time of consent. The determination of the investment percentage is based on the total production budget (the total funding). The repayment to FilmFyn commences as soon as all private investments have been repaid. FilmFyn maintains its placement in the repayment plan until all of FilmFyn's investments have been repaid, or 5 years after the Danish premiere. Additional rights – such as use of material for the Press and publicity for the film – is without any time constraints. Under special circumstances and where it is agreed upon beforehand, FilmFyn can demand that the repayment is made pro rata pari passu in regards to the repayment of private investments.

FilmFyn does not cash flow the investment but will pay out in installments on presentation of cost reports. Recoupment terms are negotiable.

There are no set application procedures and no deadlines. Turnaround is usually a few days. 

You can read more about shooting on Fyn here.

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Why Fyn?

Why Fyn?

More than 80 successful Danish productions have been shot in the island of Fyn - and we’d like to think that it is not just the presence of funding opportunities but the existence of a truly film friendly environment in the spot center of Denmark.


Film Commission Fyn is happy to point your production in the right direction and to welcome your crew on recce to Fyn. Knowing the importance of connecting with local location scouts and managers, we have compiled a brief list of experienced contacts for you.

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