The royal town of Nyborg is situated on the eastern coast of Funen. Here you find castles, beaches, and the beautiful city which was founded in the late 1100. Nyborg is the home of Danehof - the medieval parliament and was capital of Denmark during several hundred years before Copenhagen. It was so because of its strategic location in the Heart of the Danish Kingdom. And the city has maintained its position up until today. Less than 1½ hour by car or train from the two Danish international airports of Copenhagen and Billund as well as two hours from the German border or Aarhus, you find Nyborg. Here you find hotels and restaurants alongside the coast– all of which have a stunning view to the Great Belt Bridge, which is the third longest suspension bridge in the world among other breathtaking records. Within the city you find several other unique locations for movie-making, dining etc. The primary castle is Nyborg Castle, which is in process of becoming UNESCO World Heritage, but all over Eastern Funen you find beautiful castles and manor houses, micro-breweries, old water-mills etc. The newest addition is an old ferry from the 1950’s. If you are looking for more industrial locations, Nyborg offers locations such as Nord®, which offers environmental friendly waste-disposal to the whole world. You also find a deep-water harbor as well as railroad etc. Nyborg welcomes you to The Heart of the Danish Kingdom.

Municipality Contact

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Liz Holst Kaysen, Event coordinator

Nyborg Kommune, Borgerservice, Bureauet
Torvet 2B
5800 Nyborg

+45 63337972
+45 29131755 


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