Funen is loved by filmmakers and tourists alike for its stunning locations in the very heart of Denmark

Susanne Bier’s Oscar-winning feature “In a better world” is perhaps the most internationally acclaimed film shot in Funen, but throughout the years more than 70 productions have filmed in Funen, ranging from star studded historic dramas, thrillers, to comedies and currently popular Scandi-drama TV series like “The Legacy”.

Directors are pleased with the versatility of stunning landscapes and unique historic locations, and film crews enjoy the ease of shooting in a compact island environment, where everything is within proximity and locals are welcoming and ‘film friendly’. Funen doesn’t have bustling urban environments, but offers instead calm surroundings for accommodation and relaxation often close to nature and the sea. For all the same reasons and then some, Funen is also loved as a travel destination in the spot center of Denmark.

Film Commission Fyn welcomes international press visits in the footsteps of popular Danish films and TV series

Relive the scenery of some of Denmark’s most popular films and TV series, stay overnight in the stars’ favorite hotels, learn how film and TV productions are funded and tailored to a certain area. Find out how similar the reasons are why film crews and tourists favor Funen.

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Filming in the heart of Denmark