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Filming in Denmark is not just reserved for Danish producers and directors - many forces work to share the easy access, wonderful variety of locations and talented film professionals with the international filmmaking community: Film Commission Fyn in the heart of Denmark is one of them!

Susanne Bier’s Oscar-winning feature “In a better world” is perhaps the most internationally acclaimed film shot in Fyn, but throughout the years more than 75 Danish productions have filmed here ranging from historic dramas, thrillers, to comedies and children’s features. We’d like to think that it is not just the presence of our regional funding opportunities, but the existence of a truly film friendly environment in the spot center of Denmark.

Experience Film Friendly Fyn
Directors are pleased with the versatility of landscapes and locations, and producers enjoy the ease of shooting in a compact place, where everything is within proximity and locals are friendly. The filmmaking environment in Fyn is often perceived as more flexible and less bureaucratic compared to cosmopolitan areas. Filming in Fyn is a focused experience for most crews. We don’t have bustling urban environments, but instead Fyn offers calm surroundings for accommodation and relaxation often close to nature and the sea.

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Producers, directors and film professionals speak for themselves in video testimonials to your right.

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Actor Lars Mikkelsen

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Director Susanne Bier

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Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

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Director Niels Arden Oplev

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Director Pernille Fischer Christensen

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Actor Mads Mikkelsen

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