The Wish

The Wish

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Creators: Cosmo Film, producers: Rasmus Thorsen, Tomas Hostrup-Larsen, Mogens Hagedorn
Ina Bruhn. Episode writers:  Flemming Klem, Simon Oded Weil, Carina Kamper
Stars: Olivia Hillingsø, Jonathan Lindinger, Helmer Solberg and more. 

It is finally that time a year – Christmas is upon us.

12 year old Julie has only one wish: To be with her family on Christmas Eve – the whole family: Mother Vigdis father Karsten, half-sister Mie and younger brother Toke. But both her parents have to work and Julies older sister Mie is to spend Christmas with her mother.

Feeling disappointed, Julie send out a heartfelt Christmas wish: “I wish to spend Christmas Eve with my family – my WHOLE family”.

High in the sky among the clouds – in the realm of angels, a row is brewing. Aspiring 13-year-old angel Rafi must learn discipline and empathy before he is granted his full angel powers and wings. He is sent to earth as a regular, mortal schoolboy to help Julie fulfill her wish.

Rafi is joined by archangel Gaby and Michael, whose part of an angelic “Special Forces” team. They go undercover as Rafi’s family but in fact they are on the pursuit of the dangerous demon Baalios who threatens to plunge the world into chaos.

Julie and Rafi are whirled into a fantastic tale of humans and angels , the struggle between good and evil , friendship and family secrets.

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TV series 2015

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